Accelerate your team.
Accelerate Value-To-Market.
Accelerate Growth.

Accelerate Your Growth

A fractional CPO and product coach to elevate your team


As your company grows you need to shift your focus and cannot drive product as you once did.

Fractional CPO

VC/PE Investor

You need to strengthen product leadership in your portfolio company to maximize your ROI.

Fractional CPO

Product leader

You are looking to increase the effectiveness and business impact of you and your team.

Product coach

How I can help as a fractional CPO

I bring the benefits of top-level product leadership to deliver on your business objectives, without the full-time commitment.

  • Vision and Strategy Formulate and align on market-focused product vision
  • Product Team Build and scale a high-performing product team
  • Execution Establish effective product practices to ensure focus and value
  • Culture Grow an outcome-oriented and continuous improvement product culture
  • Scale-Up Accelerate the adoption and revenue of your existing product
  • Product Portfolio Build innovation to create a diversified product portfolio

How I help as a Product Coach

I have 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring and training product people at all levels of experience and career levels.

  • Personal Coaching Personalized sessions to develop your product and leadership skills
  • Team Coaching Group and/or individual sessions to grow as a team
  • Team Workshops Hands-on group sessions to build new skills or tackle problems
Lee Kennedy headshot

Lee Kennedy

Product Guy

I am a passionate product leader with over 20 years of SaaS product experience across multiple industries. I’ve built new product teams and transformed existing ones; scaled current products and brought new, innovative products to market; and been through multiple exits and M&A events.

Together, let's:

  • Build the team and culture
  • Set the vision and strategy
  • Arm the team with effective day-to-day practices
  • Deliver great products that solve valuable problems, drive revenue, and that customer love.